Its 2013!

I have not posted in a while, but I have still been very active fixing things. I have about 10 new posts that I’m going to be pumping out into the internet as soon as I get a chance to organize my notes and pictures. Thanks to everyone that has visited my site. Also, thanks to everyone that has left comments. Here is to a active 2013.

Josh Kadlac

Fixing a Proxima DP 6150. Success!!!

Some one at my work wanted me to take a look at their projector. The analog VGA connectors were flaky causing a distorted picture. After a couple of months of it sitting in my lab, I decided it was time to take it apart.


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Fixing a Emerson MW8992SB microwave. Success!!

My work had 3 of these Emerson MW8992SB microwaves that were broken. 2 of them would let you program how long you wanted to cook something, but would fail to ever heat up. The last one would not even turn on once you plugged the microwave into the wall outlet. I thought that I could at least make one good one out of the bunch and save a bit of cash.


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Fixing a Exide 7032206 car battery charger. Success!!

So my car battery charger had some sparks coming from the bottom when I would plug it into the wall, so I thought that I would bring the whole thing into my lab and fix it. I’ve had this for about 10 years so its time for a little TLC.



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Fixing a Malibu LZ419 Solar Rock Flood Light. Success!!

A friend of mine gave me 2 outdoor solar lights. His instructions were simple; use the parts from both lights to make one of them functional. At first look, one of the lights seemed to be held together with more duck tape and hot glue, then structural material. I immediately chose that one to be the parts donor. The light that looked like it was all together just had a broken switch on the PCB so you could not turn it on.


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